Authors compared the primary stability of a lateral opening-wedge osteotomy (LOWO) using a uniplanar compared to a biplanar technique. They performed a LOWO in ten synthetic femora (#3406 left large Femur, 4th Generation, Sawbones, Malmö, Sweden) using a lateral angle stable locking plate (NCB© Distal Femur Plate, Zimmer Biomet, Warsaw, USA). Findings did not suggest significant impact of type of osteotomy performed on the axial and torsional stiffness of the implant-bone construct. External torsional stiffness was increased by biplanar osteotomy. the external rotation at the osteotomy was significantly reduced by biplanar osteotomy in cases of fracture of the medial cortex and a significantly increased external torsional stiffness was demonstrated by it.

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