Orthopedic implants have to be strong and dependable. These devices are inserted deeper into the muscles and so they must be strong enough. Their high quality of material must also be ensured. Therefore, the manufacturers in India use only the proven material for these crucial implants.

The orthopedic implants India manufacturers use many materials. However, some materials are frequently used for their durability and requirements. For orthopedic applications, the most commonly used metals and polymers are stainless steel, titanium alloys, cobalt-chromium alloys, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene [UHMWPE] and polymethyle methacrylate [PMMA]

It is to be noted that stainless steel and cobalt-chromium alloys carry the same elastic moduli. But they are far stiffer than the typical cortical bone. Cobalt-chromium and titanium alloys are less strong than stainless steels.  But Orthopedic implants India makers use medical grade stainless steel, which is completely corrosion resistant.  This is an important factor for selecting a material to make orthopedic implants such as hip prosthesis India implants and spine implants India.

Types of implants

A wide range of orthopedic implants are available from India. An orthopedic surgery involves many small and bigger implants. These implants have different purposes ranging from keeping a replaced bone tightly in place to helping in healing a bone injury fast. Amongst the most common medical implants are rods, pins, plates, and screws. These types of implants are generally used to anchor fractured bones until the healing process is complete.

India manufactures an entire range of orthopedic implants. So, you get the implants for total hip replacement, elbow replacement, for fixing inter-trochanteric fracture, for fracture for the neck, and fixation of the spine. The implants are available for total knee replacement, fixation of small bones, fracture of the shaft of femur, fixation of the spine, shoulder replacement, for skeletal fraction, and many more.

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